Sweet Doggo Rips Open A Bean Bag And Couldn't Act More Guilty If He Tried

He could have fled the scene of the crime, but he stayed. That has to mean something, right? Neil Kempy of Newport, Wales came home to find that his bulldog had ripped open a bean bag chair, spilling styrofoam beads all over the living room floor. Kempy whipped out his phone to record the mess. "Look at what this little shit has done I'm gonna kill him." The amusing video was viewed over 10 million times. In it, the sweet pup dances and wriggles around nervously, not knowing what to do with his guilty self. He makes a very poor attempt at hiding behind the couch. But this doggo is obviously not made for a life of crime. He's just looks so damn guilty and it's too adorable to bear.
Watch the video here:
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